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CookieKits is owned and operated by Catherine and Annie Beaudoin. The sisters share love through baking and have a passion to share their favourite recipes. 



CookieKits are artisanally assembled with curated ingredients. Gifts can be customized to your needs (Dietary restrictions, branding, inserts). Each kit is made with ❤ in Saskatchewan (The heart of the Canadian prairies)!  



 Ingredients are sourced from small family businesses and farms. Kits are made to order with ingredients and proccesses which support circular economy and maximize your gift’s sustainability.

Corporate gifts

A meaningful gift that promotes the creation of joyful memories suports positive relationships. We know the benefits of gift giving and the positive effects it has on strengthening relationships, both personally and professionally.

Baking kits

Making and sharing bakings with loved ones is a great pleasure of life.  Baking is a complex experience which involves much more than eating. The full experience of baking is blissful:

The sound of  cracking an egg, the texture and glossiness of melted chocolate, the aromas of fresh baking, the laughs we share and the anticipation of tasting mouth-watering baking are all key aspects of the joy of baking. Making and sharing sweets is one of the simple pleasures of life that takes our breath away. 

CookieKits makes baking easy and fun. Let’s bake memories!

With our dedicated Corporate team on your side you can rest easy knowing that your gift will be one they truly remember!

Grateful to have created gifts for

Grateful to have
created gifts for


Hello! We are Catherine & Annie, French Canadian sisters living at the heart of the Canadian prairies - in Saskatchewan. We love flavourful, easy and fun bakings. We share love through baking and have a passion to share our favourite recipes.